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Project Overview

Remodel of a high rise office building in a multi-phase approach.  Renovation encompasses over 390,000 sqft of office areas.  Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems were upgraded as part of the renovations.  HVAC systems included replacement of central air handlers, addition of VAV terminal units, and chilled beam systems including central boilers and pumps. Lighting systems utilize daylight harvesting systems and wireless control at the fixture level to allow for specific lighting levels to be chosen on a fixture and/or group level.  Restrooms were modernized to incorporate low flow fixtures and to adhere to ADA requirements.  Fire alarm systems were upgraded to provide mass notification to the building.  Sprinklers were added to the spaces to achieve a fully sprinklered building at the completion of the phased project.

Modernizing an existing building presented many challenges.  The building was built in two sections with the south side in the 1950s and the north in the 1960s.  It is rewarding to work through the hurdles of existing conditions and see a completed modernized office building.

Project Details

Our Responsibilities
  • Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Plumbing Design
  • Fire Protection Design
  • Construction Administration Services
AEED Staff Who Worked On This Project:

Phillip Pickett, Aaron Wilburn, Harsh Desai, Garron Thomasson, Carolyn Ritchie, Sonny Luangrath, Joe Meadows

Client Partnered With:


Chattanooga, TN