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Tennessee Aquarium


Chattanooga, TN


Tennessee Aquarium


Ongoing Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Protection


AEED, Inc. provides continual, on demand, engineering service for facilities and exhibit modernization as well as life support systems upgrades. Individual projects have ranged from the design of life support system chillers, pumps, etc., to modifying the plumbing systems to address ADA and access concerns.

One special project involved designing an innovative wave generator for the penguin exhibit. The existing equipment had exceeded its life expectancy and was problematic for the maintenance staff resulting in outages to the penguin exhibit. AEED, Inc. designed a retrofit pneumatic system to displace 8 cubic feet of water in 10 seconds to result in a 6” to 8” wave being developed within the enclosure that mimicked the more natural wave movement of the ocean environment the penguins are accustomed to and thrive in.

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