Chattanooga Humane Educational Society

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Chattanooga Humane Educational Society


Chattanooga, TN


Franklin Architecture


Mechanical & Plumbing


The project consisted of a new 33,000 sq ft animal shelter facility to replace an aging, overcrowded facility. AEED, Inc. provided mechanical and plumbing design services for dog and cat housing areas, offices and veterinary services areas.

The mechanical design focused on specialty 100% outside air units that were required to provide a large fresh air turnover rate to avoid odors in the spaces. All animal housing areas were provided with full air conditioning with high efficiency units. The building is split into multiple zones to effectively meet the different temperature demands of cats vs dogs vs humans. It was communicated by the building owner that a more comfortable environment for humans encouraged the increased adoption of animals.

The plumbing design included specialty drainage solutions for animal kennels to avoid future issues of pet hair clogging the sanitary system. The design also implemented an automatic water supply system for pet drinking water in each kennel and an automatic washing system for cleaning the kennels.

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