River Rock Mixed-Use Residential Apartments – TVA EnergyRight Incentive

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River Rock Mixed-Use Residential Apartments
TVA EnergyRight Incentive


Chattanooga, TN


The Beach Co.


Comprehensive Energy Modeling and completion of TVA EnergyRight Application as well as application processing support.


After the Beach Co. approved Chattanooga, TN as the location for their new 156,000 sq ft mixed-use commercial and residential project, River Rock, they learned of Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) EnergyRight Incentive Program. The TVA EnergyRight Incentive Program in partnership with local Energy Service Providers provides funding for qualified projects that meet or exceed their stringent energy efficiency standards to help offset some of the upfront construction cost thereby incentivizing new energy efficient projects. All prospective projects applications must be submitted by members of TVA EnergyRight’s Preferred Partner Network Program (PPNs).

As approved members of TVA’s EnergyRight PPN program, AEED, Inc. was approached by The Beach Co. to submit an application to the TVA EnergyRight Incentive Program for their new River Rock project. As part of the application process, AEED, Inc. was required to develop and submit a comprehensive energy model for the River Rock project to TVA EnergyRight Program Engineers for review. Once the energy model was reviewed and the project was approved for a TVA EnergyRight Incentive, AEED, Inc. transitioned into the PPN project support phase.

As part of the project support phase, AEED, Inc., as the PPN, acted as the go-between representative for The Beach Co., the TVA EnergyRight Program review engineers, and the project energy service provider EPB. Tasks included updating the energy model based on design changes by the owner, site walkdowns with representatives from all three parties, and performing compliance checks to ensure that installed systems met or exceeded the proposed designs. AEED, Inc, as approved PPN members of the TVA EnergyRight Program were able to help ease and guide The Beach Co. through the incentive application process and help reduce their upfront construction costs.

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